Wire screen


Discover our extensive range of mesh screens tailored to meet a wide range of industrial needs. From fine-mesh to coarse-mesh variants, we offer different materials, patterns and wire thicknesses to ensure optimal aiming efficiency and reliability.


Explore our range of Hardox screens, designed to meet the highest demands in abrasion resistance and durability. The range includes different thicknesses, sizes and variants of Hardox sheets to suit your needs. Browse our range and discover the ultimate solution for your durability needs today.


Discover our different seam types to suit the different screens. Explore our range and find the right solution for your screening projects today. From traditional steel folds to custom-designed edge folds and welded alternatives, we offer a wide range of options.

Fine mesh stainless steel

Explore our range of fine stainless steel screens, created to meet the demands of precision and durability. Our range includes different sizes and patterns to suit a wide variety of sieve applications. Find the ideal solution for your needs and explore our range today.

Other accessories

Discover our wide range of essential accessories for the various sieve screens created to improve the efficiency and performance of your sieving processes. Find the perfect match for your requirements and optimize your sieving experience today for better and more productive results.


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